Main Characters

In my opinion there are only two main characters. Kaneda and Tetsuo.

Secondary Characters


Name: Shotaro Kaneda    Age: 16
Born: Sept 5th 2003

Known through out the film by his last name Kaneda. He is the leader of




a motorcycle gang and best friend to Tetsuo Shima who he has known since they met at a young age at an orphanage. He 'mothers' Tetsuo which he later finds out that Tetsuo hates this. He is a rebellious student and prefers cruising about on his BMW motorcycle than going to class. Although he acts tough he has a compassionate side which he shows when his other best friend Yamagata is killed by Tetsuo later in the film.

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Name: Tetsuo Shima    Age: 15
Born: July 29th 2004

Tetsuo is the youngest in Kaneda's motorcycle gang and is picked on

and believed  to be weak and immature by the rest of the gang. He is Kaneda's best friend. He met Kaneda at an orphanage when they were both young. He hates the way Kaneda tries to protect him and 'mother' him. When he is in a near collision with Takashi or #26 he is taken to a hospital where he begins to gain strange powers which he needs drugs to keep under control. When he runs away from the hospital and cannot get drugs he goes hay wire destroying people and structures alike. He is probably my favourite character in the film.